Dead on Arrival: Dilemmas for the Departed – Game Prototype

Original Game Design Document and Prototype created by Dean Rands

Read all about the project and my involvement here:

This is a game set in an unusual imagining of the afterlife. There is no right and wrong or good and bad, instead there is only chaos and order. The player must interview recently departed souls and discover what sort of a person they were in life so they can judge how the person deserves to live out eternity in the afterlife. I led the team working on the game. I developed the rotoscoping art style for the game and I was the actor for the footage to be rotoscoped so thats how the art for this website came about as well. I also worked on the soundtrack and did all the programming in Unity.

Opening Sequence Art by Emily Clay, Music and original Storyboard by Me

My responsibilities for this project:

  • Team Leader
  • Game and Narrative Design
  • Programming in Unity
  • Character Art and Animation
  • Rotoscope Acting
  • Music and Sound Development


Tracks I created for the prototype: