Arctic Game Prototype


This was a game prototype project from my 1st year at uni. The game is set in a fantastical arctic location in which the player must listen to the soundtrack to solve musical puzzles in the environment. I designed the game mechanics and narrative and did all the artwork for the project. I took inspiration from games like Patapon and LocoRocom, as well as a variety of rhythm games, but I wanted to design a game that encouraged togetherness and community through a gradually growing community of arctic peoples each with unique instruments. As the player brought more people together to a hub location at the centre of a Metroid-Vania style map the music they could play would become more and more complete. The different locations in the world would incorporate different musical styles and cues to listen to when solving the environmental puzzles.



 I was responsible for the games design, narrative and all the art on this project. Above is the player character. I took inspiration from traditional Inuit masks to create this character.