Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 2 – Prototyping in Unity

I have been building the foundation of the game in Unity for the last two weeks and while it is still pretty messy and all the art is placeholder it is a good start.  The initial prototype looked a bit like this.

After some refinement and implementation of basic animations and effects the game prototype is starting to look a little more appealing. With gamepad support implemented the game now feels much more fluid to play. I have been working on the mechanics for dropping and picking up the collectibles recently. I have also programmed a chain of objects to follow the character that increases in size as they collect more from the world. This took a while to get working how I wanted but I think it looks alright now and I think it should look better with more developed assets further down the line. I also recorded a few quick ideas in an ambient guitar style just to get some audio in the game and some sound effects to test with.

After implementing the item dropping mechanic in a very simple form I did some user testing with other students at WSA to see if they would actually consider going back to collect the dropped collectibles. After all, the whole game is based on the assumption that players would naturally think to do this and I am happy to say that it seems that people do.

testing 1.jpg
First testing session for the item dropping mechanic.

So at this point I am a few weeks into the project with a very basic prototype with some simple mechanics implemented. I will likely be making gradual progress when it comes to programming the game over the next few months as I will need to spend time developing, visuals, branding and music for the game. However, I hope to be implementing all these assets as I go along with more developed mechanics and adjustments to the game in response to the user feedback I will be gathering throughout the project. The following video shows the project as it is right now a few weeks into the semester.