Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 3 – Branding and Visuals

After completing the design pitch document, I felt I had a good idea of how I wanted the game to look. However, after some feedback on my initial designs and after putting some thought into all the ways I could go about developing the visual aesthetic for the final product I have found myself a little lost.

environmwe png

In the last semester I created some quick concept images to get across the idea I had for a paper-cutout(ish) style. However, I have been thinking a lot more about the specifics this semester and I realise now that I need to really nail down what the world and the characters look like beyond just the style I choose for the game. I want to create an underwater landscape that is somewhat reminiscent of our own ocean landscapes on Earth but different enough to still seem like a fictional setting. I also know that the characters and creatures in the game need to clearly communicate a similar relationship to the player as the relationship between humans and Earth’s flora and fauna. This is to say that the creature the player controls needs to look and feel like it has authority or ownership over the environment and other creatures. This is important as the metaphor for humanity is at the heart of the game. If the player cant see themselves or just general humanity in the player character then the impact of the metaphor is lost.

Additionally, I need to be thinking about what shapes, colours, patterns and iconography to use in the game world to give it its own unique sense of place. I have been thinking that I want to look to more traditional eastern art, specifically Buddhist art, as the game was chiefly inspired by my research into Buddhist ways of thinking.

As far as colour I created a quick mood board of pieces that use colour schemes I think would suit my game.

Colour Mood Board.png

I have started working on a logo for the game. I tried out using a symbols and iconography that relate to philosophy and spirituality such as the flower of life and the golden ratio as I felt these could be interesting to explore and adapt for my game. I thought maybe I could pick out some interesting shapes or patterns that I could simplify or adapt to suit my game. Here are some ideas I was messing around with in Inkscape a vector editing program.

I ended up looking at how I could use the visual style of Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, to inspire my logo typography. Sanskrit was the predominant language for some of the principal texts of Buddhism. I liked the line that crosses the top of all the characters as it reminded me of the water’s surface.

The word Sanskrit in Sanskrit.

After some messing around I developed a logo that I am fairly happy with. I used a circular pattern I pulled from the flower of life for the “o” to make it look a little more unique. I think I will try to incorporate this iconography in the game itself as I feel the symbol is very appropriate to the themes in the game.

Logo Aquasition transparent.png