Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 4 – More Programming

The prototype is now coming together for the 1st public test session. I have been working on a very basic implementation of the game mechanics and overall structure to enable me to test for how players interact with the game. I have also been working some decorative elements such as flocking fish to help establish the game’s underwater setting.

I used a flocking algorithm to control the way that the fish moved. The flocking system I have created is 3 dimensional so I have also been doing practicing modeling in Blender this week since I wanted the fish to move about in 3D but with a flat colour render in unity. I will likely have to spend some time tweaking this system as the currently the fish are not consistently moving in the way I expected but this is not a high priority at the moment.

program screen.PNG
The Unity project and the Scripts are all getting pretty messy. I’m going to have to spend some time tidying it up and making the scripts more user friendly for the long-term, otherwise I will definitely start running into more and more bugs.

The basic loop of gameplay is implemented at this stage with players able to collect items from the flowers in the world and drop these items over time. A few changing colours and sprites are all I have implemented at the moment to illustrate the players effect on the world as they take more and more from it. I feel that this lack of art assets is what is holding back the game as far as getting its message across at the moment. With more detailed sprites and animated assets for the player interactions and the world changing I feel the game will better communicate itself so I will be working on these assets over the coming weeks.