Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 6 – Animation

In response to the feedback from the first user testing session I have been working on implementing some animations for the plants and such in the world. These plants will open up or blossom when the player interacts with them but they will also wither when the player takes their collectible item.

This should help communicate better what the player is doing and what effects they are having on the world around them in the game.

Unity Ani Tools.PNG

Implementing these animations has been a bit of a struggle as I haven’t had much prior experience with the animation tools in unity. It took a bit of fiddling and searching around before I figured out how to create events on the animation time-lines for each sprite-sheet loop. These events mean I can create smooth transitions from one looping sprite-sheet to another.

Ani making.PNG

I have also needed to get much more comfortable with the animation tools in Clip Studio Paint as I will be creating lots of sprite-sheets for the game. I also decided to use TexturePacker a free tool for laying out many images into a single sprite-sheet image. This was necessary as Clip Studio Paint only exports animations to single images or gifs. TexturePacker will be saving me a lot of time as I continue to make all the sprite-sheets for the game.

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