Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 8 – More Programming and Some Art Issues

So I have been plodding on with different fixes and adjustments to the game that involved a lot of scripting but now that stuff is out of the way I have come to a point where I want to start implementing more final assets. Or at least I want to implement assets that are more similar to what the final assets will be, so as to help me prepare the game. Basically, I want to make sure I am prepared for any issues with things like file type or sizing, or even just the process of creating and implementing assets.

Background split.PNG

So I have created some clean, simple assets for the background as well as some of the sprite-sheets for animation. However, I immediately ran into issues with compression in Unity for the large background sprites I was using. I spent some time looking into this issue and the solution for the moment has been to cut the sprites up into smaller images and align them precisely next to each other. I needed to make sure they were aligned precisely to the pixel, though, to ensure no visible seam would be visible.

sky background screen.PNGI have also been testing out a repeating wall texture over the whole game to give the impression it was a painting or something like a mural. I have implemented a background for under the water and a background for the sky above the water. I have made sure the simply follow the character as it looks correct enough for an MVP and it saves time that would be spent creating a large background image that would need to be cut up and aligned because of the compression issues I was dealing with. I intend to work harder on the foreground elements as I feel they are more important to be spending time on anyway.

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