Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 11 – Some Finishing Touches


Recently I have been working on lots of little issues with the game. I have been trying to gather feedback on the flow of the gameplay and how the game communicates its message. Lots of little changes to the level and the speed at which the player slows down and grows needed to be made. Now hopefully the pacing of the game is somewhat improved.

It also occurred to me that a little atmospheric noise would help the game world feel a bit more alive. So, I used a royalty free ocean wave sound file I found last year for Bug’s Ahoy to achieve this. I made sure it would loop effectively last year so all I needed to do was some EQ changes to get it to sound like the waves from below the water’s surface. Then I set two tracks up in FMOD and programmed a switch between the unaffected track and the EQd one for when the player moves above and below the water’s surface. This gives a really nice effect and I think it was definitely worth the effort.

These atmospheric sounds for above and below the water make a really nice effect and I think it was worth the effort. Especially when combined with the splash sounds I made and this little splash animation I spent a little time working on last week.

Splash Blue

So, now that the time I have left on this project is starting to run out I am thinking over what I have done, could have done and still need to do. It has been clear to me for a little while that a whole lot of user testing would be required to really fine tune the way the game presents the message. I feel like it is there in the game and it is about as obvious as I want it to be at the moment, however, if I were to carry out a considerable amount of tests with alterations of the core mechanic I might have happened upon something that works better. But, as it stands and from the testing I have done it seems like people get it and now the visuals are a bit more clear I think it gets things across suitably. I’ll just have to see how people receive it at the end of year shows as there hasn’t been enough time for me to make considerable changes for a long while now, considering how long it took me to get the game working as is. I look forward to future projects when I am more confident in my programming skills and knowledge of Unity as I will have the capability to prototype and iterate mechanics more quickly and freely without having to worry so much all the time about just getting the basics to be working.

Here is some footage of the game running as it is at the moment.

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